I Picked the Ugliest Sliders Available – And They’re Beautiful


A Continuation – SLIDERS

There were a few things that motivated this next “mod”.

Sure, armor and protection were mixed in there, but I had a more immediate problem:  the 4Runner was no longer my wife’s favorite car to drive.

I love my wife, she’s perfect in every way.  But she’s a short little thing and with the lift and tires, entry now sat approximately 4″ higher than before.  I had a couple contiguous needs in that I needed a good looking slider, that provided the protection you’d expect from a slider, but it needed to also function as a step.

I looked and looked, and I just wasn’t attracted to the tubular designs that seemed to purvey everywhere.

Funny thing is that the 4Runner folks didn’t seem to like the design of the Slee sliders either – I mean, some did, but many on the forums expressed their displeasure with the way they looked.  Some went so far as to say they were “the ugliest thing they’d ever seen”.  To be frank, not sure how a statement like that could be warranted – they’re beautifully crafted, extremely handsome and they’ve been fantastic.

And I loved them.

Sliders:  Slee

These sliders were amongst the most expensive, which seemed to be parallel to my typical tastes (to my wife’s and credit card’s chagrin), but they are very well built, as evidenced by their build quality when I got them in.

They were, however a big fat pain in the butt to install.

My suggestion if you want to install them yourself (which I also recommend): find a friend with a shop and a lift, and a third buddy to help – it’ll go fast, be much easier and you’ll hate yourself less.

For me?  I installed them myself, alone, without jacking up the vehicle, resting the 65 pound sliders on my chest, lifting them up to the frame to bolt them on.  As for their strength and rigidity, they bolt on (don’t quote me) with 18 points of attachment on each side.

I’ve jacked up the vehicle with them, slammed them down on obstacles and used them as a semi-comfortable step for more than a year and I’d still do it the same all again.

More to come folks, but that’s it for today.  Currently it’s 9/19/17, 5:49 pm central time and I’m late for a date, and busy preparing for expo east next week!


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