My Motivation to Mod


Why the Heck I Started Modding in the First Place

When I bought the 4Runner, something was sort of building within me. I’d been camping off and on for years and the idea of some sort of adventure travel that was vehicle/off-road based was super intriguing to me. Once I took the leap and bought the 4Runner, I couldn’t help but learn more and more about this fascinating and new term called Overlanding.

All the while, my mind was continuing to reel with what I was going to do. I ultimately decided that I wanted to take regular trips to the great outdoors with the family, and I wanted to launch this new thing in my life in conjunction with something else that would serve as an accountability partner to keep the adventure alive and force my learning and personal growth. I don’t care if it’s a run-on. All of this was building to my first overlanding trip and I needed to be prepared.

I really had no idea what to expect, had no experience off-roading and was trying to do everything I could to prepare.

The direction (and motivation, really) of any mod was purely based on what I felt I needed at the time. I haven’t really felt the need for a snorkel, for instance, hence the fact that I don’t have one. At least not right now. That is coming, someday. Same with skid plates – havne’t really needed them, but they’re on the list. I feel like this is a good methodical approach that really enables you to internalize what you need and when and also helps give your credit card some time to breath.

That’s it for tonight folks

Right now, it’s 9/7/17, 2129 Central Time, Hurricane Irma is looming below South Florida and I’m done writing for tonight.

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